Exclusive Luxury Streetwear by Myke Sims


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Hey there, I'm Myke Sims – the designer behind Myke Sims Collection.

With a needle in one hand and a passion for storytelling in the other, I've spent a decade weaving together threads of luxury and street style. Now I'm OMB Peezy's favorite designer! My designs are featured in music videos, fashion shows and soon at your nearest Neiman Marcus.

Urban Pulse H3

Meet the essentials that everyone's talking about. Straight-up style! Our long sleeves are all about that Myke Sims swagger – cool, comfortable, and ready for anything. Whether you're stepping out or chilling out, these are the pieces you need in your lineup.


Essentials Myke Sims

Styled for the OMB Peezy Music Video by Myke Sims

All Handmade by Myke Sims

Trusting in The Higher Power and charging forward in pursuit of my dreams.

Myke Sims makes special appearance in 2Chainz's "Ounce Back" music video

In 2016

Myke Sims made a special guest apperance in 2Chainz "Ounce Back" music video. Myke acted as himself, the rappers personal designer.

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In 2014

Myke Sims was asked to create custom pieces for Young Scooter ft. Future Music Video "BAG IT UP"

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